Naked Basics 2 | A Clothes Look

Yes, Urban Decay has done it again.  I’m sure you have already seen this numerous times in the beauty sphere but I still wanted to put my two cents in.  This retails for $29.00, wherever Urban Decay is sold.




The packaging is almost exactly the same as the Naked Basics original palette, the only thing that is different is the color of the plastic is a tad lighter and the writing is in a different color. 



The colors are cooler then the original but still beautiful, however I do find the colors Stark and Fresh a little hard to show up on my skin and eyes especially with a fluffy brush but these eyeshadows are up to par with the rest of the Urban Decay shadow. 

I used every color on my eye today so I wanted to show you the quick look I came up with. 


The eyeshadows blend easily and beautifully. My favorite color is Cover (the 4th shadow from the left)

Do you need both?

Yes and no. If you use a mixture of warm and cool eyeshadows, yes I think this is a staple. Do you only use warm eyeshadows then no you don’t really need it but it is a nice piece to have in your collection. 

Which do I prefer? 
Honestly, I love both for separate reasons if I could I would combine a few of the original eyeshadows and a few from this palette to make the perfect 5 pan palette. I probably would reach for the original more if I HAD to choose between the two. 


Have you bought this palette? Will you buy this palette? Which do you prefer? 

Smashbox Master Class Palette #3 | A Clothes Look

Were you around when I reviewed the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette? Well, if so you know how much I hated it (I’m honest).  That was my first attempt at Smashbox products and it put a sour taste in my mouth for that company. The Smashbox Master Class Palette #3 has changed my views completely.  

This palette is available at Sephora (where I purchased it) for $65.00.  This collection contains: 32 “photo op” eyeshadows, 3 blushes, 1 contour shade, 1 bronzer shade, 1 highlighter, 4 “get the look” instruction cards and several blank face charts.   



This palette comes in very sturdy, book-like packaging.  This palette has weight to it, it honestly surprised me. The book itself is made of cardboard and thick plastic. 


When you first open it, on the inside cover are pictorials (shown below) and the back of one of the two palettes. 


Once you flip the palette to the next ‘page’ you see the two beautiful palettes.


This palette as you can see is divided into a neutral side and a color side. This palette can pop out of this “book” for travel purposes.  I really like how this has a thick piece of plastic covering both of the eyeshadows (shown below), rather than a flimsy piece of film. 


Once you turn that ‘page’, you will see the back of the colorful palette, and you will have another envelope that has blank face charts. 



The back of the book is plain, besides a sticker saying “Smashbox Masterclass Palette”




Now for a close up and some swatches: 


The first two rows

Naked, Nectar, Flirt, Vanilla, Drizzle, Ambient, Pebble, Golden Orchid   





The last two rows

Topaz, Sienna, Cinder, Nude, Royal, Blackout, Smoke, Sumatra


The ‘face’ row: 

Contour, Bronze, Highlight



The neutral side has a really good balance of matte and shimmer, all feel very buttery. 



The first two rows

Oyster, Sky, Lavender, Snow, Zoom, Steel, Lilac, Rose Petal



The last two rows

Ivy, Cerulean, Violet, Papaya, Serpent, Nocturnal, Blacktop, Peony


The ‘face’ row

Carnation, Flush, Rosy



The color side has a nice mixture as well, the colors Ivy and Cerulean kind of remind me of swatches I have seen with The Simpson Collection by Mac. 


This overall I feel is an amazing buy for the price tag, all colors are creamy and pigmented. I will have to play with them on my eyes but my first impression is much better than the Smashbox Full Exposure palette.  I’m glad I picked this up and gave it a try keep your eyes out for looks done with this.  I try to post looks several times a week on my instragram: @aclotheslook so follow me there!


So will you buy this? 



Mac Cosmetics: A Novel Romance Collection | A Clothes Look

This month is my no-buy month, but I failed because of this collection.  

Eyeshadow Quads: 

 A Passionate Quest: 

A passionate quest quad

A passionate quest quad swatch

A Novel Romance: 

A Novel Romance quad

a novel romance quad swatch

An Amorous Adventure: 

An Amorous Adventure quad

an amorous adventure quad swatch


Animal Instincts:


Animal Instincts Blush Swatch

It doesn’t swatch well, but I am excited to see how it will look on the cheeks. 


Yield To Love (MAC online exclusive shade): 

Mac Yield To Love Lipstick Mac Yield To Love Lipstick Swatch

Good Kisser: 

MacGoodKisserLipstick Mac Good Kisser Lipstick Swatch

Hearts AFlame: 

MacHeartsAFlameLipstick Mac Hearts AFlame Lipstick Swatch

Lingering Kiss: 

MacLingeringKissLipstick Mac Lingering Kiss Lipstick Swatch

Have you or will you pick anything up from this collection? I’m very happy with it. 

Ipsy Bag August 2014 | A Clothes Look

I feel like Ipsy took forever to come in this month but I loved my bag so it was worth it for me! As always Ipsy is a $10 a month subscription service and if you want to sign up I would love for you to use my referral link sign me up!

This month the theme was “Beauty Schooled” and it came in an adorable pencil case-esque white and orange polka dot bag. 



The first thing I saw was the Urban Decay sample size of the Perversion mascara, which is new. I’m excited to try it. 


Dr. Brandt Pores No More, facial primer, I’m guessing it will resemble Benefit Porefessional we will see. 






Klorane Dry Shampoo, I’ve never heard of this brand but I do enjoy dry shampoos. 









J. Cat Beauty single pan eyeshadow in the color Half Naked.  It looks gold/peachy in the pan but shows up as a beautiful champagne color. 




DSC_6492 DSC_6498


Lastly, a lip balm called Mongongo. It smells nice and it’s always nice to have a few of these laying around. 




What was in your Ipsy bag this month? 

What Is In My Purse?! | A Clothes Look

Lets start out my purse is from the Phillip Lim collection with Target from a few seasons ago. I love “what is in my purse” posts or videos so I thought I would share again.purse




These items are normally *always* in my purse. 

My iPad from Apple, case from Best Buy.
My wallet from TJ Maxx
My planner from Target
My make up case from Laura Mercier
Lint Roller a must with a white dog, Target
Sunglasses RayBans from The Sunglass Hut
iPhone case from Target
Hand lotion from my Memebox


So what is in your purse? 
Leave your blog/youtube link to your post or hashtag aclotheslook on instagram so I can see!


School Year 2014 | A Clothes Look

With the new school year starting in just a few weeks I wanted to put together a collage of some things I try to buy new of every year around August. 

What I Like To Re Buy Every August


One of my favorite things is a new planner, I especially love the ones from Target.

A rollerball perfume is a great way to test the scents of the season and is easy to carry with you in your bag.

A new pair of jeans that fit like a glove.  These ones are the super high, skinny jeans from PacSun. 

A new pair of comfortable, versatile shoes.  I like Vans but Target has a knock off of Vans for a fourth of the price. 

A reusable water bottle.  This will save you a ton of money while you’re on campus whether it’s plastic (BPA free) or glass the one in the photo is from Target. 

Boots.  I wear boots the most out of all shoes, granted if you buy a pair of Doc Martens you will not have to replace these every year but if you buy a cheaper pair of Target you may want to replace them depending how often you wear them. 

Luna Bars or any type of snack bars, I tend to really stock up on these just because they make a great snack in between classes or even a small breakfast if paired with some fruit. 

A new bag, whether it is a messenger bag or a book bag, I tend to be super rough on my bags for school so I do tend to buy a new one every year.  This bag is from Forever 21 Mens. 

Headphones another object I tend to be hard on, I usually repurchase these about every year – two years. I either lose them or break them.  These are Apple ear buds. 

A good bra is expensive, I tend to buy a new one or two every season change. This way I’m not spending a huge amount of money at one time. 

Lastly a really nice laptop sleeve, I usually take my laptop to school at least twice a week so I want it to be protected. This laptop sleeve is by Herschel. 


What do you tend to always repurchase every school year or August?