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Hey everyone,

I’m Maryam, owner of Line Up the Makeup, a blog dedicated to all things beauty and lifestyle! I do hauls, reviews, tags and much, much more! Jessica was nice enough to do a guest post about her 2014 Beauty Favorites, and I’m doing one for her. 

So, without further ado, these are my 2014 Beauty Favorites! 


Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer

I’ve had this bronzer for a while now (a little over a year) and I’ve been loving it ever since! It’s very versatile, as it can be used as a bronzer and a contour, plus, it works year round because it’s very buildable! Its a matte, cool toned brown without any orange undertones which is a bonus that makes it work as a contour. I’ve used it almost everyday since I got it and I haven’t even hit pan on it!


MAC’s Soft ‘N’ Gentle

I must admit, I hated this when I first got it. I felt like it clinged onto my dry spots and the glitter in it was exaggerating my dry spots. However, once I found out I was using the wrong foundation and switched to a more dewy, hydrating foundation, I fell inlove! This is by far my favorite, most illuminating highlighter to date! You can find my swatches here.

Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

I know you’re probably thinking why the heck I’m using a Stay Matte foundation when I just mentioned I have dry skin. Well, I desperately needed a foundation for my high school graduation and I picked this up on a whim not thinking about it being matte and just noticing it was full coverage and good priced. Well, luckily for me, it turned out amazing! I only use it for special occasions because it’s full coverage but the mousse consistency is freakin’ amazing! It sets beautifully without me having to powder and it stays on ALL day.

Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

I just posted a whole review about these herebut honestly, bottom line is that they’re AMAZING! The formula is buttery but still feels like a powder and is so pigmented! Some swatch a bit less pigmented but on the eyes they last for ages! Even when I forget to apply a primer! My favorite shades are Bitten, Unexpected and Creme Brulee.

ELF Eyeshadow Primer

An oldy but a goody! I struggle with finding a primer for my oily lids but this eyeshadow primer dries completely and works as a perfect base for my eyeshadows. It even works better than my full coverage concealers as a base! This makes ANY eyeshadow last all day and is so cheap!

Lancome Hypnose Drama

I bought a deluxe size of this mascara on a whim while making my birthday order back in May and it has by far become one of my favorite mascaras of all time! It creates voluminous and long, extra black lashes without looking clumping and separates the lashes effortlessly! The formula is a bit wet, which I love, and it lasts all day!

MAC Lipsticks in Twig, Captive and Hot Tahiti

Three different shades that I have fallen in love with this past year! Captive and Twig both have Satin finishes whilst Hot Tahiti is a Glaze. Hot Tahiti was my go to summer color as it is a beautiful brick brown-red that isn’t too pigmented which is great for everyday wear. Captive is a beautiful deep plum leaning a bit on the pink side which I love if I want a darker lip that isn’t a nude. And Twig, which was one of my first MAC lipsticks, is a beautiful all around nude with pink and brown undertones (mostly pink).

Ardell Lashes in Naomi and Demi Luvies

Seriously my go-to lashes for any occasion! I had Naomi lashes on for my graduation and I love them for bigger events such as weddings. They make your lashes look very full without overpowering your eyes and taking away from your eye makeup. I got Demi Luvies because I sadly couldn’t find any Demi Wispies and I fell in love with them! They are very similar to the Demi Wispies and are amazing for smaller events like a small party. They flutter out at the ends which make your eyes look bigger and more open.


The Body Shop Body Butter in Moringa

My first body butter ever! Sadly, I ran out of this a while back so I couldn’t photograph it. This body butter is what made me fall in love with body butters! I use them religiously now and its all thanks to this body butter. Unlike body lotions, I don’t feel like my skin is ‘wet’ after I use it and I feel like my skin absorbs it very well. Not to mention the scents are to die for and they have cute, travel size tubs which are very affordable and last for so long!


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Click over to my blog to check out A Clothes Look’s 2014 Beauty favorites! I hope you guys will check back to my blog for more!

Shade & Light Kat Von D | A Clothes Look

Kat Von D released a Shade & Light Contour kit earlier this month.  This palette costs $46 and is sold exclusively at Sephora.




This palette also comes with a small brochure of how to use the products.



frontbrochure backofbrochure


The packaging of the contour kit is much like her last few eyeshadow palettes. Cardboard, with a large mirror.




So this palette includes, three highlight shades (the top row at .08oz), and three deeper shades (the bottom row at .16 oz).



As you can see this palette is set up in duos (top and bottom)

Top Row: Lucid, Lyric, Levitation
Bottom Row: Sombre, Shadowplay, Subconscious



From Right to Left: 1st duo:  Lucid, Sombre  2cd duo: Lyric, Shadowplay 3rd duo: Levitation, Subconscious

These face products are very smooth and silky, they can also be powdery when applied with the Nars Ita brush I got a lot of kick up of powder. When using the Real Technique brushes I received barely any kick up of powder.

I am a Mac NC 25 or Nars Punjab, I am able to use all of these colors easily on my skin. If you’re fair you may not be able to use Subconscious unless it is with a very light hand.

A lot of people are comparing this to Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Kit so I thought I would add a little compare and contrast to it.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette is 6 products at .11oz for $40.


This is the original Anastasia Beverly Hills palette the colors are as followed: Top Row: Vanilla, Banana, Sand  Bottom Row: Java, Fawn, Havana


Highlight Comparison:


highlight kvdvsabh


1. Kat Von D – Lucid, 2. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Vanilla, 3. Kat Von D – Lyric, 4. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Banana, 5. Kat Von D- Levitation, 6. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Sand.

Bronzer Comparison:

bronzer kvdvsabh


1. Kat Von D – Sombre, 2. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Java, 3. Kat Von D – Shadowplay, 4. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Fawn, 5. Kat Von D – Subconscious, 6. Anastasia Beverly Hills – Havana



So do you need both? Honestly, no you can pick which one you like better and will fit your skin tone. Personally I like Kat Von D better than the Anastasia palette I find my brushes fit better into the pans and it blends seamlessly.





Blanket Scarf Outfit | A Clothes Look



School has started back again for me and when I am getting ready I am looking for a simple, comfortable, put together look.  I wore this outfit today and loved it.  Especially with that huge blanket scarf which helped keep me warm since weather here is in the teens.

DSC_7481DSC_7482 DSC_7476DSC_7477

Would you wear this outfit?

Jacket: Urban Outfitters  (similar)
Scarf: Etsy 
Shirt: Target (similar)
Pants: JCrew
Boots: Steve Madden (similar)

Remember when you shop online to shop through eBates!

Nars Dual-Intensity Eyeshadow Palette | A Clothes Look

I have been wishing they would come out with a palette like this since they launched the single Dual-Intensity eyeshadows.  Nars has launched 12 Dual Intensity Shadows.  This palette contains 7 of these 12 shadows and one limited edition shade to this palette, it also comes with a travel size #49 brush and a large, accurate mirror.

Single pan shadows are .05 oz of product and costs $29.00 each.
This palette each shadow is .03 oz of product and costs $79.00 each. Currently it is available on Nars.com and will be available on Sephora.com and in Sephora stores soon.

Nars is currently 5.0% back on eBates.com, so if you sign up for eBates here you will actually be paying $75.05 for the palette.

Nars Dual Intensity Palette


The packaging is different then normal, it’s a mirror packaging, very beautiful, very finger print prone.

Nars Palette Inside


Top Row:  Europa, Himalia, Ursa Major (LE), Subra
Bottom Row: Andromeda, Lysithea, Giove, Sycorax

These shadows are meant to be used dry or wet. Dry they are suppose to apply a sheer wash of color, wet a dramatic foiled look.

Dry Swatches:

Nars Swatches Dry

Wet Swatches:

Nars Swatches Wet


I have found these apply best with fingertips. If you use a dry brush you get a lot less pigmentation and more of a tinted sheen.

I think this palette is a great addition to any eyeshadow collection and is a great bargain especially if you do not own any of the single shadows.  I give this palette an 8 out of 10.

Do you think you will be purchasing this palette?

New Year, New Blog? | A Clothes Look

I wanted to share my New Year Resolutions/my 2015 Bucket List with you all today.

1. Pay off debt and save money.  I think this is usually on everyones list of things to do, but I would love to be able to cut my debt it half this year and it’s very possible.

2. Blog more, blog better. I want to blog more this year, I have already started a new schedule.  With that being said, I am switching servers in January so I may be a little sparse with posts sadly.

3. Visit one state I have never visited before.  I find traveling to be important, I love traveling and seeing new places.

4. Take more photos, I have neglected my camera this year and plan to use the hell out of it in 2015.

5. Unplug. Since we are in the millennium of technology, it’s hard to unplug I’ve realized I’m always attached to some sort of device, I want to separate from it especially when I am with loved ones.

6. Get healthier.  I know this is always a resolution, but health is important and if I lose a few pounds that would be a plus.

Those are my resolutions, what are yours?

Boxycharm | A Clothes Look


Boxycharm is a $21.00 a month subscription box and this month the theme was Jingle Belles. If you would like to sign up, I’d appreciate it if you would sign up through my referral link. I have no been disappointed with a box yet.


So what was in my box?!

Eva NYC Hair Product – Hairspray, travel size $7.00

Lina Lashes Luxury Mink Lashes, full size $30.00

Coastal Scents Revealed Palette, full size $40.00

Be A Bombshell Lip Product in Hot Damn, full size $14.00

Mistura Beauty Solutions Retractable Beauty Brush, full size $20.00

Total Box Cost: $111.00!








So I’m super impressed with this box. I think it’s personally awesome that for $21.00 you get 4-5 full size products!

Holiday Look & Giveaway | A Clothes Look

Hello everyone!

I wanted to show you a easy make up look I created for the holidays

utopia 1

utopia 2

utopia 3

To start, I placed NYX pencil in black bean all over my lid and blended it in.  Then I took the Lime Crime Venus palette and mixed Muse and Creation in my crease and my bottom lash line , put Aura on my brow bone and then with a wet brush swept Utopia on my lid and Black Karat by Laura Mercier on my lash line. I finished the look with a winged eyeliner using Nars.

Would you wear this to a holiday party?


If you want a chance to win the Make Up Geek Utopia Pigment used in this look click the link below!  The giveaway is running until December 20th at 12:00am eastern time

Click here to enter!

Dare to Bare | A Clothes Look

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted the last few days, finals week has really been taking a toll on my time.  Today I am here to bring you though, one of m favorite lip sets this holiday season.  Dare to Bare by Fresh. This set is $45.00 at Sephora and I believe it’s worth it!



This kit includes:

– 0.28 oz Sugar Lip Polish
– 0.16 oz Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy
– 0.1 oz Sugar Shine Lip Treatment
– 0.08 oz Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15
– 0.08 oz Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment

There are two amazing products in this that to makes it worth it to me.

The item I most adore in this kit is the Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy.


If you apply half a pump of this to your lips, your lips feel smoother, they’re more plumped (with no stinging!) and they are hydrated.  I have fallen in love with this stuff and I will repurchase once it runs out in this kit but I feel like this deluxe size sample will hold me over for a while!

The other outstanding product is the Fresh Sugar Lip Polish


As you might be able to tell from the photo this isn’t a dry lip polish, but it still offers an amazing scrub. Since it is a gel consistency you only need a little bit. I first tried to use it how I use my dry Lush lip scrub and realized how much I didn’t need.  I have really been liking this lip polish it flakes the dry skin away easily and smells great.

The Advanced Therapy Lip treatment is a nice moisturizing lip balm, the Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment SPF 15 has a lovely tint to it while still moisturizing your lips so it’s great for those no make up make up days.  The Sugar Shine Lip Treatment is my least favorite product, it does give a nice shine to your lips and feels great on the lips and is not very sticky but it does not stay shiny for a long period of time.

Do you have a lip lover in your life that would like this set?

InnerStellar Kat Von D Palette | A Clothes Look

I have been seeing people picking up this palette for a few days now at Sephora inside JCPenney so I decided to go into mine today to see if they had it and the lovely sales associate got me one from the back.  The Kat Von D InnerStellar is on the Sephora website right now for VIB and VIB Rouge clients.  I believe if you’re not a VIB or VIB Rouge this palette will be released in January to you.

This palette is set up like the Monarch and Chrysalis palettes and it costs $46.00 and is limited edition. According to the Sephora website it is suppose to be a  ” lunar-inspired palette of cool, cosmic colors”.



The packaging is cardboard, with this listing of shadows on the back just like the recent packaging she has been doing.  These are 12 new shadows


Top Row L to R: Graviton, Vast, Lycan
Bottom Row L to R:  Night Crawler, Dios, Lunacy, Astrological, Darkstar, Orion, 3am, Moonshine, Killing Moon


The top row plus the first four on the left side.

Gravitron (soft iridescent pink), Vast (pearlized taupe), Lycan (matte cream), Night Crawler (matte dusty beige), Dios (silvery gray iridescence), Lunacy (rich pearlized purple), Astrological (pale lilac sheen)


The last five eyeshadows

Darkstar (purplish pewter), Orion (matte chocolate brown), 3am (metallic champagne), Moonshine (metallic silver), Killing Moon (matte black)

I’m very excited to start using these. All of these shadows are incredibly soft and feel wonderful, I’m very happy with the pigmentation of all of these none watched patchy for me.

Do you think you will buy it?

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