Looking at Korean Clothes

I like to take a close look at things and I love shopping for clothes. That’s why I called my site “A Clothes Look”. I wanted to make a site where I can document all my adventures in clothing and finding different outfits I like. I’ve made the mistake of just buying things that look good on the rack without paying much attention to how it would fit together with an overall look. A top may be pretty, but you’re not going to just wear the top. You have to combine it with a bottom, shoes, accessories, are even hair and makeup. I learned that to have a good fashion sense is more than having interesting individual clothing items. It’s all about how to clothes combine with each other. They have to be cohesive and work together. Because, after all, you are going to wear them all at the same time. So, doesn’t it make sense to think of it this way when you’re shopping?

One of my favorite styles is Korean fashion. They have cute dresses and outfits that are usually pretty simple to pull off. Simple is good because that means it doesn’t require a bunch of different wardrobe items. You can just get some key clothes and mix and match them however you like. You know that most of the clothes will go together, because you thought of that when you were buying them. Korean clothes can range anywhere from innocent and sweet to bold and daring. I like to be on the sweeter side, but I’ll be covering several different Korean looks soon. Looking forward to it!