Korean Relationship Advice

“If You Don’t Have the Love Life of Your Dreams – Don’t Blame a Man!”

Do you believe there are “no good men out there”?

Do you find yourself saying, “If my partner only listened to me – I would feel great.”

Are you convinced that you’re just unlucky in love?

None of that is true! If your love life is unsatisfying instead of blaming the amount of “good men” that are out there, the guys you date, or the amount of “luck” you have, I think to rethink how you are showing up in dating and relationships. You may want to take some Korean style relationship advice.

In an interview with San Da Ra on her Seoul, Korea radio show with BTS, Last First Date Radio, she asked me what are some of my top three things to ‘turn a ho hum or bad love life into the beginning of an epic love story”… You can see some of BTS posters and other kpop fashion items, too. Welcome to the three C’s!

Three C’s to creating an epic Korean Love Life:

Clarity: After coming out of a marriage and starting a pretty traditional style of dating a BTS member, I found that I needed to changed the way I looked at dating a Korean man if I wanted to create a different outcome! Like many women, I’d been called the very disempowering word over the course of the years (I was 30 years working in a male dominated world). This often framed my outlook on all sorts of life aspects. I knew I needed to take my power back and get clear on what I really wanted to create in my life. For me that is fun, passion and connection! Do you know what you want? Do you understand that with clarity comes choice… and that brings consequences. So be clear – crystal clear on what you are creating for your own life.

Confidence: This is where we have to step up to the plate if we want to play in the big leagues and wear the latest BTS merchandise and fashion with this site Kpop Fashion – Korean Clothes. If you want to attract and keep a great guy you need to really be on your game with your Kpop fashion – that’s when guys will wake up and notice. Confidence comes from three things: courage, permission and self discipline. Because of their basic nature, a lot of guys will be interested in a confident woman. You just have to find what you’re willing to do to create that confidence. If that means even after a stressful day, putting on your favorite shade of lipstick and showing up to the date in a pretty Korean dress with the right attitude, do it! You have to show up for yourself to have the best time you could have with a BTS poster.

Communication: Having great communication in any relationship style is a must for making it work and the right communication determines how much fun you’re going to have along the way with your clothes. Guys usually really need our help in that department! Let’s face it, most of them are fairly clueless in what to do in order to treat us the way we want to be treated. When we wear Korean dresses, it’s like they don’t know what to do. Yet in some ways I think we set our men up for success or failure by how we handle our communications. There are many outfits using Korean dresses, you just need to mix and match the right ones. You need to be up front, graceful and flexible on when and how you speak with them about their Korean clothes.  You need to look at the situation from their point of view on kpop fashion clothing. (Frankly men are simple as they really do want to make us happy with our clothing – and to satisfy us.) This helps you get the desire outcome you want!

I advocate for a lot of simple things to create the love life in Korea that you really want, yet by taking account these three C’s you’ll start to have more fun and start to enjoy yourself in your dating and relationships… and that’s what it should be all about!